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Available platform: Symbian

Product Description

PrivateSMS is an application to filter incoming SMS that matches a predefined MSISDN or/and text and store it into a private folder ("PrivateSMS") in "My folders". User can defined up to 5 MSISDN numbers in which incoming SMS that matches any of the MSISDN will be stored to "PrivateSMS" folder. PrivateSMS application can also filter incoming SMS and store it into "PrivateSMS" whenever the message body contains any text pre-defined in the "String(s) to match" field. The "PrivateSMS" folder will be auto-created during installation.
User Guide
1) The default password for the application is "12345". To change the password, select "Options"->"Change password".
2) To hide/unhide the "PrivateSMS" folder, select "Options"->"Hide/Unhide folder".
3) To enable the application, select "Yes" on the "Enabled" setting field.
4) To enable alert notification on incoming private SMS, select "On" on the "Alert" setting field.
5) To define the MSISDN, select "mobile number" setting field. User can add up to 5 MSISDN.
6) To define text to be compared in incoming message body, edit the "String(s) to match" field. Multiple keyword must be delimited with commas. For example, to match "beer" and "movie", enter "beer,movie". Matching is case insensitive.
  • "PrivateSMS" folder will be created in "My folders" during installation
    as shown below


  • When the application is launched, a password dialog will be prompted to the user. The default password is "12345". To change the password, select "Options"->"Change password".

  • To enable/disable the application select "Yes" or "No" from the "Enabled" field as shown.

  • To receive filtered messages in "PrivateSMS" folder with alert, select "On" from "Alert" field as shown.

  • To add the message filtering text, edit the "String(s) to match" field. The picture below illustrate an example to add filtering text "Text1", "text2" and "text3".

  • The application will prompt the user to save on exit if there are any changes made.

Platform supported: Series60 3rd edition, Series60 3rd edition fp1, Series60 3rd edition fp2, Series60 5th edition, Symbian^3

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