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Available platform: Symbian

Product Description

MobiFind(MF) is a mobile application that provides features to track phone that is misplaced or stolen. MF also allows user to protect the data in their phone in the situation when phone is no more accessible (ex. Lost or stolen). MF can also be used as a tracking application to track the location of the phone. With MF, user can also find out the identity of the person handling the lost phone through SMS alerts.

MobiFind Features

  • Locking of phone in the situation of unauthorized access.
  • SMS triggered with unauthorized user’s information (IMSI, CellId, LAC, GPS Location)
  • Create a fake message in inbox in case of unauthorized access. This fake message can provide owner’s information so as to facilitate returning of lost phone.
  • Delete sensitive data from memory card in the situation of unauthorized access.
  • SMS commands can be sent to the phone to lock phone, locate phone, delete multimedia data, clear memory card.
  • Hiding of MobiFind icon so that unauthorized user will not know the existence of MobiFind application.

Password Protection

MF application is protected by a password. The password is a sequence of number of up to 20 digits. The same password will be used for accessing the application, in SMS command (shown in later section) and for hiding the application icon (shown in later section). When the application is first launched, a password creation dialog as shown in figure 1 will be prompted.

Figure 1

Once the password is created, a prompt will be shown to ask if you want to backup the password to your email as shown in figure 2.

Figure 2

Master Protection

The master setting when disabled overwrites all other settings. This master setting can be use hen a new SIM card needs to be added to the authorized list since changing a SIM (when aster setting is enabled) will trigger all enabled features. The master setting can be changed nder the “Protection” main menu as shown in the figure 3.

Figure 3

Manage SIM

MF application makes use of the SIM to differentiate between an authorized and an nauthorized access. Therefore, a list of authorized SIM has to be registered with the pplication. This can be done via the “Manage SIM” main menu. User can add current used IM or enter the SIM IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) manually (if it is nown). The “Manage SIM” setting is as shown below.

Figure 4

Manage Recipient/Message

Manage recipient/message menu allows user to add the recipient(s) and message of the SMS that will be sent out in the event of unauthorized access (unauthorized SIM changed). User can add the recipient from Contacts or manually as shown below.

Figure 5

Fake Message

The fake message settings allow user to configure the message that will be created in inbox in the event of unauthorized access. User can disable this feature from the settings. User has to provide the alias, mobile number and message from the settings menu as shown below.

Figure 6

Other Settings

The “Others” menu includes setting for wiping of memory card and locking of phone. These features will be triggered (if enabled) in the event of unauthorized access. The menu is as shown below.

Figure 7

SMS Command

MF supports SMS commands to lock, locate, delete multimedia files and clear memory card content. The SMS command format is as follows:

  • <password>#lock – Lock phone will password prompt. A confirmation message will be sent back to the user on successful locking of phone.
  • <password>#locate – Locate phone location. A SMS with google map link will be sent back to sender.
  • <password>#delete – Delete phone logs, contacts, SMSs and the following folders
    • C:\data\Videos
    • C:\data\Images
    • E:\Videos
    • E:\Images
  • <password>#clear – Clear memory card content. Private folders will not be removed.

Test Mode

The “Test” menu is for user to test the current configuration. Features (other than wipe memory card) that are enabled will be triggered once the menu is selected.

Platform supported: Series60 3rd edition, Series60 3rd edition fp1, Series60 3rd edition fp2, Series60 5th edition

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