Application Locker  


Retail Price: USD14.90

Available platform: Symbian

Product Description

Application locker (a.k.a AppLocker) mobile application allows user to protect launching of any application with a PIN. User can choose any application to be locked. When launching a locked application, user will be prompt to enter a PIN before he/she can access the application. In the event that a wrong PIN is entered, the application will not be launched.

User Guide

1) When applocker is launched for the first time, user will be asked to enter new PIN along with selecting a secret question/answer. User can choose to answer the secret question in the event that a PIN is lost in which the PIN will be revealed if the correct answer is entered.

2) When applocker is launched subsequently, a dialog will prompt the user to enter the PIN.

3) To activate/deactivate applocker, select "Activate"/"Deactivate" from the "Options" menu as shown below. Note that once applocker is deactivated, all applications will not be protected by the PIN.

4) After successful login with the correct PIN, a list of applications will be shown to the user.

5) To lock/unlock application(s), user can select "Lock"/"Lock all"/"Unlock"/"Unlock all" menu item from the "Options" menu as shown below. Pressing of center selection key will toggle betwen lock/unlock state. A locked application will be shown with a tick.

6) To change the PIN, select "Change PIN" menu item from the "Options" menu.

7) The "Enter PIN" dialog will be shown whenever a locked application is launched as shown below.

Platform supported: Series60 3rd edition, Series60 3rd edition fp1, Series60 3rd edition fp2, Series60 5th edition, Symbian^3.

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