Available platform: Android

Product Description

MobiFind(MF) is an easy to use mobile application that provides features to track phone that is misplaced or stolen. MF also allows user to protect the data in their phone in the situation when phone is no more accessible (ex. Lost or stolen). MF can also be used as a tracking application to track the location of the phone. With MF, user can also find out the identity of the person handling the lost phone through SMS alerts.


• Locking of phone in the situation of unauthorized access.
• SMS triggered with unauthorized user’s information  (IMSI, CellId, LAC, GPS Location)
• SMS commands can be sent to the phone to lock phone, locate phone, clear memory card.

Password Protection

When MobiFind is launch for the first time, user will be prompted to create a password. For security, the password dialog (shown in figure 1) will be prompted on every launch of the application.


Figure 1

Mobifind Settings

MobiFind settings user interface is shown in the figure below. User can register authorized SIM card, configure recipient of SMS, enable/disable locking of phone when unauthorized SIM card is inserted.



Figure 2

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