Available platform: Android

Product Description

PrivateSMS is an application to filter incoming SMS that matches a pre-defined phone number or/and text. The filtered messages can be read from the PrivateSMS application which is password protected.

PrivateSMS Features

  • Filter incoming SMS by phone number.
  • Filter incoming SMS by pre-defined text pattern.
  • Password protection.
  • Ability to disable incoming SMS alert for filtered messages.
  • Ability to reply message via PrivateSMS application.

Password Protection

When PrivateSMS is launched for the first time, a password creation dialog will be prompted as shown in figure 1. On subsequent launched, a password dialog will be prompted.


Figure 1

PrivateSMS Menu

The main menu is as shown in figure 2. User can change the message filtering rules by selecting the "Settings" button or view filtered messages by selecting the "View messages" button. 


Figure 2

Settings Menu

 In the "Settings" menu, user can configure the following.

  1. Enable/Disable the application.
  2. Turn on/off notification when there is a incoming filtered message.
  3. Change login password.
  4. Add contacts of person to be filtered.
  5. Add pre-defined text pattern in which message containing the pattern will be filtered.


Figure 3

Filtered Messages

The figure below show a filtered conversation with a pre-defined contact. User can also reply to the message via the same interface. All messages in the conversation will not be shown in the phone SMS inbox.



Figure 4

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