Available platform: Symbian

Product Description

QuickReply (QR) is a messaging application that provides an easy and quick way for user to reply and manage their messages. The QR viewer will be launched automatically when there is an incoming message. The QR viewer will show all previous messages from the same sender in a threaded form. Other features include message forwarding, message deletion, voice call etc. The QuickReply settings application enables user to enable/disable the application.

QuickReply Features

  • Automatically show messages in threaded form when receiving new message.
  • Nice threaded sms user interface.
  • Instant reply to incoming message.
  • Ease of forwarding/deleting of messages.
  • Ability to call sender.
  • Option to disable/enable QuickReply.

QuickReply User Interface 

The QuickReply viewer will be shown whenever a new SMS is received. The viewer is shown in the figure below. User can compose and send message immediately.

Figure 1

When user click on a received message, a forward/delete menu will be prompted as shown in the figure below.


Figure 2

QuickReply Settings

The QuickReply settings user interface can be launched from the phone’s application menu. There are three different settings that user can configure. The settings are:

    1. Activate/Deactivate.
    2. Auto close after sending message.
    3. Auto close after idle for X mins [Choice of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 mins].

Figure 3

New Message From Different Sender While Viewer is Active

When there is a new message from different sender while the viewer is active, a new message control will be shown (figure 4).

Figure 4

The menu associated with the new message from different sender is shown in the figure below. The options are “Reply”, “Forward”, “Delete” and “Open”. If “Open” is selected, the current message thread will be dismissed and a new thread (from the new sender) launched.

Figure 5

Platform supported : Series60 3rd edition, Series60 3rd edition fp1, Series60 3rd edition fp2, Series60 5th edition, Symbian^3

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